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Animal Friends

Videos Available
Monday, March 8 @ 8 a.m.


Animal Sorting & Sets


Cardboard Kitty


Animal Signs in the Snow


Make a Harmonica


Zoo Writing


Lion & Lamb Mindfulness

Supply List

Lion and Lamb Mindfulness
We can be fierce like a lion or gentle like a lamb. Let’s look at activities and emotions that might be lion or lamb-like.

Zoo Writing
Listen to one of Mary’s favorite stories, and then get your creative juices flowing to write your own story.

  • Writing Supplies: Paper, pencil, pen or your favorite device for typing

Make a Harmonica
Join Sarah from Beloit for another musical project and a great book.

  • Wide craft sticks (2)
  • Straw (cut in 2)
  • Rubber bands (2 thin, 1 thick)
  • Worksheet packet
  • Optional: Stickers

Animal Signs in the Snow
Join Kirsten in this short video to learn about ways of finding evidence of animals in your own backyard or neighborhood.

    Cardboard Kitty
    Make a fun cardboard kitty to accompany you on all your reading adventures!

    • Piece of cardboard
    • Yarn
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Markers/crayons, glue
    • Kitty shape printable template
    • Optional: eyes printed from template sheet, googly eyes, extra yarn and ribbon for bows

    Animal Sorting and Sets
    Practice sorting and making sets with a stuffed animal sort game, and two activities with Carrol and Vann Diagrams.

    No printer?

    Call your library for details on how to pick up a pre-printed packet!

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