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Arrowhead Library System’s public libraries are teaming up to bring you Library Shorts–a recurring series of short video lessons for 4 to 10-year-olds.

What are Library Shorts?
One week a month, each library will present an approximately 5-minute video lesson on a particular subject (like music, science, wellness, writing, math, or art). All the lessons will share a common theme. This October’s theme is “Fall”.

Mark your calendars and join us for fun lessons like “Candy Corn Math”.

Where can I find the lessons?
Lessons will be posted daily October 12-17, 2020 on this Library Shorts blog. Each lesson will also have its own Facebook event, which will appear on the Arrowhead Library System’s Facebook page and your favorite local library’s Facebook page. Be sure to follow one or both!

Library Shorts Blog

Arrowhead Library System’s Facebook Page

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