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Mini-Makers are take-home kits based in science, music, art, math, or technology. Kits combine physical objects, such as musical instruments and science equipment, with traditional library resources such as books and educational DVDs. They each contain the materials and information necessary to learn a new skill or activity.

Each kit has a 2-week checkout period.

Call the library at 608-868-7462 or log on to SHARE to place a kit on hold!


  • Schylling Kids Accordion
  • Victor and Hugo by: Robert J Blake
  • Magnifico by: Victoria Miles


  • Exploring Birds Activity Book for Kids, by Kristine Rivers
  • How to Draw Amazing Birds: From Songbirds to Birds of Prey, by Paul Calver
  • The Kid’s Guide to Birds of Wisconsin, by Stan Tekiela
  • Sibley Backyard Birds matching game with forty (40) cards
  • Obuby Real Binoculars with case


  • Bongo Grooves for Beginners DVD
  • REMO Bongo Set, black
  • Cannon 6-inch single 4PRS tambourine with head


  • Bugs A to Z by: Caroline Lawton

  • The Weird and Wonderful World of Bugs by: Rea Manderino

  • Little Explorers: Bugs

  • LadyBug’s Garden Memory Game w/ 20 ladybugs, 5 puzzle cards, and instructions

  • Bugzzle w/ 40 challenge cards and 18 puzzle pieces

  • Twelve (12) insects with identification card and plastic case

  • Two (2) large magnifying glasses


  • If I Built a House by: Chris Van Dusen
  • Iggy Peck Architect by: Andrea Beaty and David Roberts
  • GoldFlower Interlocking Building Set
  • Cup Up Building Set
  • 100-Piece Wooden Block Set


  • Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids by: Merrilee Lidiar
  • Light duty blue tarp
  • LED flashlight
  • Cord
  • Eight (8) clamps
  • Eight (8) suction cups with hooks
  • Ten (10) clothes pins


  • Hello, World! Let’s Go Camping
  • C is for Camping
  • Llama Llama Loves Camping
  • gofindit nature scavenger hunt
  • Binoculars
  • wooden forest stacker puzzle
  • Learning Resources New Sprouts Campt Out!


  • Learning Resources Coding Critter activity set
  • Screwdriver
  • Kids Get Coding: Learn to Program by: Heather Lyons and Elizabeth Tweedale
  • Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding by: Linda Liukas


  • Go Photo! An Activity Book for Kids by: Alice Proujansky
  • Guide to photography
  • VTech Kidizoom Action Cam


  • Rumble with the Dinosaurs! (sound book)
  • Smithsonian’s Kids Digging for Dinosaurs
  • Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur? By Bonnie Worth
  • My Big Dinosaur Book
  • Mudpuppy Dinosaurs Fuzzy Puzzle (42 pieces)
  • Wonder Forge Jurassic World Matching Game (72 game pieces)
  • Toomies Jurassic World Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs
  • Snap-Dinos (38 pieces)


  • Secrets of the Rain Forest: A Shine-A-Light Book by: Carron Brown & Alyssa Nassner
  • Hand Shadows: Activity Book for Kids
  • The Day-Glo Brothers by: Chris Barton
  • Let’s Make a Rainbow by: Chris Ferrie
  • Cosmetic mirror
  • Six (6) color paddles w/ learning guide
  • Flashlight
  • UV Flashlight
  • Two (2) Secret Agent Pens
  • Prism Set (4 prisms)


  • A Crash Course in Forces and Motion with Max Axiom, Super Scientist, by Emily Sohn
  • Move On Up That Beanstalk, Jack!, by Thomas Kinglsey Troupe
  • Gyroscope
  • Learning Resources Pendulonium
  • Can Do! Science Kit: Motion
  • Push/Pull Activity


  • 88 Instruments by: Chris Barton
  • Welcome to the Symphony by: Carolyn Sloan and James Williamson
  • Wooden lap harp
  • Tuning wrench
  • Picks
  • Carrying case
  • Sheet music


  • The Human Body: A Shine-A-Light Book, by Carron Brown & Rachael Saunders
  • Inside Your Outside! All About the Human Body, by Tish Rabe
  • Weird But True: Human Body, by National Geographic 
  • Human Anatomy for Kids, by Kristie Wagner
  • Human Body 100 piece floor puzzle 
  • Fingertip pulse oximeter
  • Human X-Rays
  • Flashlight


  • Finger Knitting Fun: 28 Clever and Creative Projects for Kids by: Vickie Howell
  • The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by: Margaret Hubert
  • The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by: Margaret Hubert
  • Crochet for Kids by: Franziska Heidenreich
  • Two (2) knitting needles for kids
  • Two (2) size 10.5 aluminum knitting needles
  • Susan Bates crochet hook set | 6 crochet hooks and case
  • Yarn (replenished by the library)


  • Make: Electronics, Learning Through Discovery by: Charles Platt
  • Coding Games in Scratch by: Jon Woodcock
  • Makey-Makey: An Invention Kit for Everyone
  • Check out for more information about the Makey-Makey and for a really cool video!


  • Journey into the Invisible: The World from Under the Microscope by: Christine Schlitt
  • AmScope M30-ABS-KT2-W Beginner Microscope Kit
  • AmScope PS25 Prepared Microscope Slide Set | 25 slides and wooden case
  • Microscope User Guide
  • 5 prepared glass slides and 7 blank glass slides with case
  • plastic tweezers
  • screwdriver
  • Two (2) AA batteries


  • I Can Play That! 30+ Easy Songs for the 8 Note Bell Set, by Lena Eckhoff
  • Kalimba Songbook: 50 Easy Classic Songs, by Thomas Balinger
  • Music and How It Works: The Complete Guide for Kids
  • Help Your Kids with Music, by Carol Vorderman
  • Wood frog percussion musical instrument
  • Eight (8) handbells with user manual
  • Mini 8-key Kalimba thumb piano
  • Two (2) wooden finger castanets


  • How to Raise Monarch Butterflies: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids, by: Carol Pasternak
  • Milkweek, Monarchs, and More, by: Bas Relief
  • Carson MicroBrite Plus Pocket Microscope & Instructions
  • Butterfly growth cycle model (4 pieces)
  • Felt Monarch Model Butterfly
  • Index Cards
  • Transparent Tape
  • Monarch Reference Sheet


  • Look Inside Seas and Oceans by: Megan Cullis

  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the Ocean

  • Hello, World! Ocean Life by: Jill McDonald

  • Ocean Memory Game (20 cards) 

  • Ocean reef building set (125 pieces) w/ bag

  • Nine (9) fish with identification card


  • Pet that Cat! A Handbook for Making Feline Friends

  • Pet that Dog! A Handbook for Making Four-Legged Friends

  • Can I Keep It? Small Pets Guide

  • AUX cable for Playaway

  • Operation Pet Scan

  • Chicken! Dice Game


  • National Geographic Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas (2nd edition)

  • Wizard of Oz (Playaway)

  • Road Trip Games & Activities for Kids, by Catherine Ryan Gregory

  • AUX cable for Playaway

  • Brain Quest for the Car: 1100 Questions and Answers to Challenge the Mind (2 decks) 

  • Magnet drawing board w/ drawing stylus and pattern sheet

  • Briarpatch Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game (55 cards)

  • Binoculars

  • 3x3x3 speed cube w/ cub tutorial sheet

Contents of Rocks and Minerals Checkout Kit


  • Ultimate Rock-opedia by: Steve Tomecek
  • My Book of Rocks and Minerals: Things to Find, Collect, and Treasure!
  • Science Comics, Rocks and Minerals: Geology from Caverns to the Cosmos by: Andy Hirsch
  • Crystal 500 piece puzzle
  • Eighteen (18) piece rock and mineral educational collection w/ display case and guide
  • Large magnifying glass


  • There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System by: Tish Rabe and Aristides Ruiz
  • Little Kids First Big Book of Space by: Catherine D. Hughes and David A. Aguilar
  • Melissa & Doug solar system floor puzzle
  • Learning Resources shining star projector


  • Three Pigs, One Wolf and Seven Magic Shapes by: Grace Maccarone
  • Grandfather Tang’s Story by: Ann Tompert
  • Tangoes Puzzle Set
  • Tangoes Jr.


  • The Penny Pot by: Stuart J. Murphy
  • Telling Time with Big Mama Cat by: Dan Harper
  • Demonstration clock
  • Self-inking coin stamps
  • Time and money flash cards
  • Counting money puzzles


  • Ukuele
  • Kala Soprano ukulele gig bag
  • picks
  • clip-on tuner
  • Fabric strap
  • Austin Bazaar instructional DVD


  • Weather Experiments Books for Kids: More than 225 Hands-On Activities, by: Jessica Stoller-Conrad
  • National Geographic Kids Ultimate Weatherpedia, by Stephanie Drimmer
  • ThermoPro Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer 
  • Tornado Spin and Watch
  • TopTes TS-301 Digital Anemometer 
  • Season Wise Educational Game
  • Cloud Types Task Cards
  • Weather Trivia Cards 


The Milton Public Library opens doors for curious minds, nurtures learning and creativity, creates opportunities and enriches lives by bringing people and ideas together!

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