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Job Description

Position: Director
Reports to: Board of Trustees
Hours: Full-Time, based on a 40-hour workweek

Job Summary
Oversees the daily operations of the Library and exercises authority with regard to personnel, financial management, strategic planning, library automation and expanding information technologies, building facilities, purchasing, collection development, and community (public) relations. Director administers all aspects of library service with a high level of independent responsibility and accountability. Director must be able to establish effective relationships with employees, board members, and the community.

A. Responsibilities to Patrons

  • Provides a quality collection that meets the needs of the public
  • Envisions and interprets community needs, developing new programs and services for all segments of the community
  • Assures that the staff is responsive to the patrons and deals with patrons in a pleasant and professional manner
  • Resolves complaints from the public, staff and Library Board
  • Assures that the library environment is pleasant and that the facilities and services meet patron needs and are easy to use
  • Develops, implements and evaluates library programs and services

B. Responsibilities to the Board

  • Recommends policies and advises the Board on operational, fiscal, staffing and facilities matters
    • Meets with the Library Board and its committees to discuss and plan policy recommendations
  • Keeps the Library Board informed on matters pertaining to libraries
  • Prepares reports, collects data and submits them to the Board
  • Establishes priorities and makes recommendations to the Library Board
  • Works closely with the Board to carry out their directives
  • Prepares agendas for Library Board meetings
  • Assists in the orientation and education of Board members
  • Maintains confidentiality of Board matters
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Library Board

C. Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Develops and recommends an annual budget
  • Administers expenditures of funds within budget constraints
  • Performs purchasing functions of the library
  • Advises Library Board on financial matters as needed
  • Carries out the responsibility for the care, custody and control of all monies of the library including the investment of funds in accordance with State statutes
  • Maintains records for proper accounting of funds
  • Assists in library fundraising activities in accordance with the Board
  • Tracks, records, and sends reminders and acknowledgments for all donations to the library

D. Collection Responsibilities

  • Assures that the materials selected and the services provided meet the needs of the patrons and represent a judicious expenditure of funds
  • Selects and purchases library materials, equipment and services
  • Supervises the efficient circulation of materials to keep them readily available
  • Supervises an effective weeding program which assures that the collection is current with the needs of the patrons

E. Staffing Responsibilities

  • Hires staff, assigns staff duties, and defines staff responsibilities, establishes lines of authority and delegates work to library staff
  • Assures that personnel are properly trained and promotes individual development
  • Assures that there is an effective and fair evaluation of all personnel and that proper records are maintained
  • Recommends promotions and salary adjustments to the Board
  • Informs the Board of disciplinary and possible dismissal actions
  • Administers wages and benefits according to policies approved by the Board
  • Provides responsive leadership and fair representation of the staff to the Board
  • Balances and coordinates all employees and activities into a smoothly operating whole

F. Facilities Responsibilities

  • Assures that the physical facilities, grounds and equipment are properly maintained, updated and safe for use
  • Oversees the library’s human resources, material, equipment and facilities
  • Evaluates and develops plans for effective allocation and utilization of building space to meet the changing needs of the library
  • Oversees maintenance of library’s local area network, computer hardware and software
  • Negotiates contracts with vendors for necessary services

G. Public Relations Responsibilities

  • Maintains contacts with city and school officials to assure that good relationships and communications are maintained
  • Communicates the library’s services, resources and programs to the community
  • Represents the library in the community and at governmental, organizational and professional affairs and activities
  • Serves as liaison and representative for the library with professional, community, business, civic and government groups and organizations
  • Keeps the public informed about library services and activities through the use of in-house publications and newspapers

H. Professional Responsibilities

  • Presents and promotes a professional atmosphere both in and out of the library
  • Represents the library through participation in professional library organizations
  • Works with other library directors, agencies, groups and organizations to develop and promote cooperation in the delivery of library services
  • Keeps abreast of current trends and new professional techniques

I. Planning Responsibilities

  • Develops and recommends an annual operational plan and a long range plan when requested by the Board
  • Ensures that plans are carried out within budgetary constraints and at the discretion of the Board

Job Requirements

  • Master of Library Science Degree from an accredited institution
  • Three years progressively responsible library experience
  • One year supervisory experience
  • Ability to deal effectively with Library Board, staff, public, other professionals and government officials
  • A comprehensive knowledge of public library philosophy, practices, services and procedures and the ability to apply such knowledge to work performed
  • Ability to maintain a productive workforce
  • Knowledge of budgeting, public library finance, and applicable Federal and State law
  • Knowledge and demonstrated competence in library automation
  • Ability to interpret community needs
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to travel to agencies within system and out
  • Ability to analyze and organize information and to solve problems
  • Ability to manage and evaluate programs of service
  • Physical ability to bend, stoop, push, reach, grasp, finger for writing and typing, lift, and carry up to 40 lbs.
  • Ability to assess visual cues. Far vision at 20 feet or further; near vision at 20 inches or less
  • Ability to listen and communicate effectively with others in person and over the telephone

Appointment and/or continued employment is contingent on successful completion of a background check.

Approved and adopted by the Eager Free Public Library Board of Trustees on March 26, 2019.


To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Eloise Eager, Library Board President at by Friday, November 17, 2023.

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