Many patrons have asked the library staff, “ Who is your favorite author?”

I have so many but I’ll start with Jacqueline Winspear.

Jacqueline Winspear has written a series of mysteries with the main character Maisie Dobbs. The first in the series title is entitled simply “Maisie Dobbs,” and the series follows her through her adventures as a girl in service as a maid, who is encouraged by her employer to read and learn from their library. World War 1 ensues and she becomes a nurse on the front lines. Her story describes what was endured through WWI. That is all I’ll tell you now so I don’t wreck it for you! Heart wrenching, adventure, mind bending stories. Please start at the beginning and enjoy the ride.

For the complete list of Maisie Dobbs books, please visit Jacqueline’s website!