What would you do if you had unlimited time to do it? I remember thinking that, and now I have it!  Boy have I been reading, quilting, lawn clean up, washing things, sleeping in and of course watching to much news on the virus. All in all things are okay.

I’m going to share a book review of one of the historical mysteries I’ve read recently.

“A Dangerous Act of Kindness” by L P Fergusson.

This book title reminds me of our plight now with the virus but it is a different kind of danger. World War 2 setting, about a recent English widow who comes across an injured German pilot on her dairy farm in England during a humdinger of snow storm. It’s a story of how we can still be humane and compassionate with someone who is our enemy and taking great risk at being that. The book also reveals how hard it was for the woman left to run farms on their own with the men away at war. It is believable and a real page turner.

I highly recommend it. FIVE STARS!