Donna’s corona virus project is in the works.
I’m trying this project with Red Plastic bags to make a small rug.

Start with the cutting of the Plarn, plastic yarn, with rotary cutter and mat. You can use sizzors but, easier with rotary cutter. 3inch circles, will get 4 per bag. Then loop circles together to make the Plarn.

Started to make a circle with crochet size N, pattern calls for size Q, have to go with what I have.

The Plarn is not as easy to use as yarn, it does not slide as easy and the knots get in the way. I’m amazed at how much Plarn is needed for this project but it is taking shape.
About an 1 1/2 hours of work between cutting the Plarn and then crocheting it. About 4 inches in diameter.

About 2 hours more and about 20 bags to make this so far 7 inches in diameter.  It is making a close to 1/2 inch thick rug and is getting easier with a larger piece to work with. 

I hope some of you have started a plarn project as well! It will be fun to compare our rugs.