Discovering a new craft, or picking up one that you haven’t had the time for, can be a way to keep our minds and spirits active and happy during this sometimes trying time.

For myself, I am trying out a couple of new-to-me crafts, as well as spending some time with some old favorites.

Here is something new I have decided to try my hand at, Paint-By-Number. These kinds of kits are not really a new craft. They have been around since I was a kid, and believe me, that has been a while! Recently, they have updated the quality of materials as well as the choice of subject matter. Here is the one I have been working on.

I have found that YouTube is an invaluable resource for information about and tips on any new craft that looked might find interesting. Here are a couple videos to get you started:

The NEWBIES guide to paint by number

My First Paint By Numbers Kit

Have Fun!

Be Adventurous!

Work that Creative Muscle!