Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is an offshoot of sorts from counted cross-stitch. It involves the placing of small faceted plastic ‘diamonds’ in a grid pattern to make a beautiful picture which sparkles from every angle. I discovered diamond painting whiles looking for some helpful tips about painting by numbers. I find working on this craft to be simple and meditative. These paintings come in kit form with all the basics that you need to get started. At the end of this blog I have included the links to a couple of YouTube videos that give you the basics. There is a wealth of information on YouTube about this craft as well as many more.

This is a portion of the piece that I am working on right now. When it is done, I will have a piece of sparkly art featuring a very colorful deer that I can frame and hang on my wall or gift to a friend.

Here are those YouTube links I mentioned that can get you started on a new hobby.

Paint-by-Number – Not Just for Kids!

Paint-by-Number – Not Just for Kids!

Discovering a new craft, or picking up one that you haven’t had the time for, can be a way to keep our minds and spirits active and happy during this sometimes trying time.

For myself, I am trying out a couple of new-to-me crafts, as well as spending some time with some old favorites.

Here is something new I have decided to try my hand at, Paint-By-Number. These kinds of kits are not really a new craft. They have been around since I was a kid, and believe me, that has been a while! Recently, they have updated the quality of materials as well as the choice of subject matter. Here is the one I have been working on.

I have found that YouTube is an invaluable resource for information about and tips on any new craft that looked might find interesting. Here are a couple videos to get you started:

The NEWBIES guide to paint by number

My First Paint By Numbers Kit

Have Fun!

Be Adventurous!

Work that Creative Muscle!